Q4: 2022


Change of Address

To change your address, please contact us. 000 Magazine takes all reasonable care to ensure swift service, but assumes no responsibility for delivery if a subscriber’s address on file is no longer current when a new issue is mailed. Your subscription may be suspended if the Post Office notifies us that an issue was undeliverable to the address on file. Please allow up to three (3) weeks for a change of address to be completed.

Subscription S subscription numbers

Each Subscription S subscription includes an individual number—i.e. 073/999—that will remain assigned to the original subscriber for as long as he or she keeps the subscription current. To check Subscription S availability in the event it is not currently offered for sale, or to be placed on a Subscription S waiting list, please contact us. In the event that a Subscription S subscription is allowed to lapse, all rights to reassign the individual subscription number will return to 000 Magazine and its publishing company, SPY INK LLC. No individual or third party may sell or resell a Subscription S subscription—if the name and/or billing information change, all rights to the Subscription S and its assigned subscription number revert to SPY INK LLC.

Privacy Policy

000 Magazine and SPY INK LLC respect their clients’ right to privacy. We do not freely share client information with other companies, and we use reasonable precautions to keep any personal information disclosed to us secure. However, 000 Magazine and SPY INK LLC are not responsible for any breach of security.


Your satisfaction is our goal, and is guaranteed. You may cancel your subscription at any time, at which point 000 Magazine will refund you the balance of your subscription fee (e.g. $137.50 after two standard issues have been delivered, or $499.50 after two Subscription S issues have been delivered). Please allow two (2) weeks for processing. If you have any questions, please contact us. 000 Magazine and SPY INK LLC reserve the right to cancel any subscription at any time, with or without cause.


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Return Policy

If you receive damaged goods from 000 Magazine or SPY INK LLC, we will make every effort to exchange or replace them. We want you to be happy when you get a new issue, so we take extra care in packaging each and every copy. However, 000 Magazine and SPY INK LLC are not responsible for damage caused in transit. Magazines, slipcases, and any other merchandise already received and included in the subscription price are not returnable for a refund. If 000-related or 000-branded merchandise is offered for sale separately, we will of course offer a refund or exchange so long as returned items are in like-new condition; we will also pay return shipping costs if a return is requested as a result of our error. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Correspondence Received

000 Magazine reserves the right to use or reuse any and all correspondence or information sent to it via letters to the editor, emails, text messages, private messages, or any electronic or other means of communication.