Q3: 2023

Porsche Dealers

000 Magazine enhances the Porsche Dealership experience and is also the perfect gift for your esteemed Porsche clients. An immersive journey, from the instant you receive and open the copy, to the bittersweet moment you realize you’ve arrived at the last page, 000 Magazine transports you across time and space, making you feel as though you stand shoulder to shoulder with the individuals who have indelibly shaped Porsche’s rich history. It undoubtedly enhances the engagement with the Porsche marque.

Sized 9x12 and beautifully printed on premium 80-lb paper, each issue weighs three pounds and offers 260 pages covering every fact of Porsche. Those pages are packed with extraordinary photos in lives layouts, thought-provoking stories, unseen archival images, photos of original documents and insider intel. In a world of increasingly cheap and easy media, 000 its a haven where timelessness is valued or timeliness. 000 ships 4 times a year, worldwide, or can be ordered individually at Porsche Dealer preferred prices.

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Porsche Dealers receive a 20% discount on both subscriptions and single issues.

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