Q2: 2024

Proof & Prototype

Proof & Prototype tells the story of craft in content and creation, highlighting the meticulous work that it takes to create a 260-page quarterly focused on Porsche—particularly when produced to a standard of detail, engagement, and accuracy that has simply never been attempted before. Proof & Prototype draws a strong, soulful parallel between the craft of 000 and that of its subject (Porsche), addressing the larger concept of how multiple mediums can express brand as well as design identity, and, in turn, community identity. The exhibition begins with a step-by-step view into how words and images are bound into one cohesive, fluid publication. After presenting an understanding of the creation of the physical book, the exhibition then focuses on the effect—how 000 has moved beyond the printed page to bring a community of craft lovers together in a space that generally leans toward efficiency and production over quality.