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The One That Got Away

Fall 2018


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Cover: Frederik Dulay-Winkler in Flacht
Sequence: Kris Clewell in Appalachia
Back Cover: Jessica Fritzsch in Flacht

“Zero Input: ON MARAJ, AND LE MANS” by Pete Stout p.6-7

Written by: Randy Leffingwell
Image: Porsche Archive

“Blink: 917/30 AT HOCKENHEIM” p. 18-19
Written by: Vic Elford
Image: Porsche Archive

“Anorak: EARLY 911/912 HEADLIGHTS” p. 22-32
Written by: Mark Morrissey
Image: Randy Wells
Additional Research: John Audette, Eric Linden

“Surface: PVC EXTERIOR PAINT” p. 34-45
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Frederik Dulay-Winkler

“Apart: FLYWEIGHT F1 VALVE COVER” p. 46-47
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

“OMBRE NOIRE: LMP2000” p. 52-87
Written by: Randy Leffingwell
Image: Frederik Dulay-Winkler

“KEEN ADVENTURE: OFF-ROAD 911s” p. 134-159
Written by: Kris Clewell
Image: Camden Thrasher & Kris Clewell

“Wheeler Dealer – Alan Johsnon” p. 160-185
Written by: Eric Gustafson
Image: Christopher Patey, Alan Johnson Collection

“On Road and Track” p. 186-205
Written by: Richard Meaden
Image: Lisa Linke, Aston Parrott

“SCENE: Le Mans 2018” p. 210-234
Written by: Camden Thrasher
Image: Camden Thrasher

“Lost/Found: VASEK POLAK 911 / 1961 356 ROADSTER” p. 236-237
Written by: Don Ahearn
Image: Unknown, Don Ahearn

“Outsmart: MAZDA’S UR-MIATA” p. 238
Written by: Jay Lamm
Image: Mazda

“Tech: COMPETITION MFI” p. 240-250
Written by: Chris Andropoulos
Image: Zach James Todd

“000 Build: 914 4R” p. 252-256
Written by: Pete Stout, Alexander Palevsky
Image: Glen Cordle