Issue 012

From Mulsanne to Mulholland

Winter 2019


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1953 356 Gmünd
2015 919 Evo
1970 914




What Goes Around (cover story)
By Cameron Healy // Photography Randy Wells
A lifelong love of 356s

plus Forensic 063: A Mystery Unraveled
A conversation between Triple Zero and Rod Emory

plus Hand to Metal
By Rod Emory
Photography Chris Greenwood, Zayne and Rod Emory

Restoration of chassis 063, Porsche’s first Le Mans entry

plus Salon: 063
By Jeff Zwart

Augmented Reality
By Richard Meaden
Photography Drew Gibson, Mark Riccione, and Dan Bathie
Driving the 919 Hybrid, plus the record-breaking lap at the Nordschleife

The Mid-Century Modern Porsche
By Lizett Bond // Photography Lisa Linke
The 914 in context—and Wilma, one of the first 914 owners on the West Coast

Forward Thinking, at 50
By Christoph Mäder
Celebrating 914’s 50th anniversary at the Porsche Museum




Editor's NoteOn the record
The 550A per Linge
George Follmer on 1972 Can-Am
The “other” alloys, 1968-1991
Porsches on ice
Lightweight kill switch
Bentley’s driver-centric interior
Schuco, California Crazy, fine eats in NYC
Weber carburetors
Carrera GT concept, Paris 2000
944 GT5 Shooting Brake



Q1: 2024

Issue 012