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Straight to the Pool Room

Spring 2020


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Cover Photo: Andy Morgan in Bicester
Sequence: Clint Davis in Raleigh
Back Cover: Pete Stout in Bicester
ToC p. 4-5

Zero Input: Storytellers p. 6-7
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Eduardo Ramon Trejo

Archival: 953 Lever Laws p. 10-16
Written by: Jürgen Gassebner
Image: Gassebner Archive

Blink: Bergmeister on Sebring 2007 p. 18-19
Written by: Jorg Bergmeister
Image: Gayle Brock

Anorak: Analog Rally Timers p. 20-31
Written by: Mark Morrissey
Image: Mark Morrissey
Additional Research: Kerry Morse

Scene: The N-24h 2019 p. 34-51
Written by: Sabine Schmitz
Image: Lisa Linke
Captions: Harmut Kristen

Original Turbo: The 1975 930 p. 56-85
Written by: Richard Meaden
Image: Andy Morgan
Additional Research: Ryan Snodgrass

The Turbo With No Tail p. 86-101
Written by: David Gambacorta
Image: Clint Davis

Factory Driver: Richard Attwood “The Lang and Kurz of It” p. 102-128
Written by: Eric Gustafson
Image: Rainer Schlegelmilch, David Phipps, Michael Keyser

992 Carrera S & 991 Carrera GTS p. 132-161
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Nate Hassler

Iowa Made, Part 1: Monterey p. 162-181
Written by: Ted West
Image: Lisa Linke

Iowa Made, Part 2: In Country p. 182-221
Written by: Ted West
Image: Rich Chenet

Surface: Early Carbon Fiber p. 222-229
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Frederik Dulay-Winkler

Apart: Not Your Normal 924 Brake Caliper p. 232
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

Outsmart: Sports Cars in Space p. 234
Written by: Richard Porter
Image: Tesla

Inprint: Vanbockryck’s Tome on the 956 p. 236-245
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Bruce Benedict

Spec v Spec: 1973 911 Carrera RS p. 246-250
Written by: Triple Zero
Image: Glen Cordle

Showstopper: 1971 917/20 p. 252-255
Written by: Michael Keyser
Image: Michael Keyser

Overlooked: 986 2.5 p. 256
Written by: Triple Zero
Image: TJ Gewal