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Straight to the Pool Room

Spring 2020


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The 1975 (cover story)
By Richard Meaden // Photography Andy Morgan
Behind the wheel of an ultra-original 1975 930

plus Counterpoint
By Pete Stout

and The Turbo with no Tail
By David Gambacorta // Photography Clint Davis
Solving the mystery of a unique Salmon Metallic 930

The Lang and Kurz of It
By Eric Gustafson
Porsche factory driver Richard Attwood

Tipping Point
By Alexander Palevsky // Photography Nate Hassler
Discovering the 2020 992 Carrera S, with 991.2 Carrera GTS 

Out West
By Ted West // Photography Lisa Linke
Prepping a charmingly rough 1953 356 1500 Normal coupe for Rennsport 

Iowa Made
By Ted West // Photography Rich Chenet
A look inside the meticulous restoration shop of the brothers Schlabaugh  




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