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Kalifornischer Sohn

Summer 2020


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Cover Photo: Zach James Todd in Willows
Sequence: Porsche Historical Archive
Back Cover: Pete Stout in Willows
ToC p. 4-5

Zero Input: “” p. 6-7
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Eduardo Ramón Trejo

Archival: “Paint by Numbers” p. 10-15
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: LAT Photographic, Bruce Benedict

Blink: Le Mans 2004 p. 16-17
Written by: Jörg Bergmeister
Image: Bob Chapman

Anorak: Porsche Luggage for 356 & Early 911/912 p. 20-33
Written by: Alex Palevsky
Image: TJ Grewal
Additional Research: Chris Stavros

Objekt: The AMK p. 34-39
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Porsche Design Archive

Silver Bullet p. 44-109
Written by: Helmut Werb
Additional Research: Grant Larson, Alexander Palevsky, Pete Ritter
Image: Zach James Todd, Peter Ritter, Porsche Historical Archive

Time Remembers Heroes p. 110-135
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Lisa Linke

Sound compared to Carrera GT p. 125

Conclusions p. 129

Epilogue p. 130

Transsyberia Redux p. 136-199
Written by: Lizett Bond
Image: Nate Hassler

Farbbome p. 200-221
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Alex Bernstein

Surface: Woven Leather p. 222-228
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Frederik Dulay-Winkler

Apart: Tin Machine p. 230-231
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

Outsmart: Spins Like Hell p. 232
Written by: Jason Torchinsky
Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

In Progress: A Conversation in Letters p. 234-245
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Alex Bernstein

Showstopper: Group B Studie p. 246-249
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Porsche Historical Archive

Spec v Spec p. 250-254

Written by: Alexander Palevsky & Pete Stout
Image: Glen Cordle

Overlooked: 928S p. 256
Written by: Triple Zero
Image: Roman Rätzke