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Cinq Pour le Triomphe

Winter 2020


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Cover Photo: Clint Davis in Jupiter
Sequence: Larry Chen on Pikes Peak
Back Cover: Clint Davis in Jupiter
ToC p. 4-5

Zero Input: Way forward p. 6-7
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Eduardo Ramón Trejo

Archival: the Real Story behind PDK p. 10-20
Written by: Randy Leffingwell
Image: Porsche Corporate Archive

Blink: Bergmeister v Magnussen p. 22-23
Written by: Jörg Bergmeister

Anorak: Early 911 & 912 Gauge Clusters p. 26-37
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Jim Hatch

Objekt: P’3110 Pencil p. 38-43
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Derek Fong

When the Rubber Met the Road: BFG p. 48-99
Written by: Laurel C. Allen
Image: Rich Chenet, Clint Davis

Style Wise: Ferry Porsche p. 100-125
Written by: Chantel Tattoli
Image: Porsche Corporate Archive

Left Foot Forward: 992 Carrera S p. 126-139
Written by: Michael Harley
Image: Lisa Linke

Zuffenhausen to Russia, with Love p. 140-179
Written by: Kris Clewell
Image: Edward Salkin, Alfred A. Paul, Arnaldo Sanchez

Pikes Peak 2020 p. 180-229
Written by: Lizett Bond, Greg Brown
Image: Larry Chen

Surface: 991 matte wood trim p. 230-235
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Lisa Linke

Apart: 1100 Super pistons & cylinders p. 236-237
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

Inquarantine: We’re still here p. 238-241
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Bruce Benedict

Outsmart: 2002 Turbo decal p. 244
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: BMW

Showstopper: Panamericana concept p. 246-249
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Porsche Corporate Archive

Spec v Spec: 997 GT3 RS 4.0 p. 250-255
Written by: Palevsky + Stout
Image: Glen Cordle

Overlooked: 970 Panamera GTS p. 256
Written by: Triple Zero
Image: Autogespot/funspotter