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Issue 018 Wasser Kult

Summer 2021

Cover Photo: Frederik Dulay-Winkler in Stuttgart

Sequence: James Lipman in Palm Springs

Back Cover: Frederik Dulay-Winkler in Stuttgart

ToC p. 4-5


Zero Input: Missing the people, not the planes p. 6-7

Archival: Rally Computers p. 10-19
Written by: Mark Morrissey
Image: Mark Morrissey, Michael DiLeo, Larry Reid

Blink: Sascha Maassen at Mid-Ohio p. 20-21
Written by: Sascha Maassen
Image: Dan Streck/LAT

DLO: The black tape p. 22-31
Written by: Tony Hatter
Image: Tony Hatter, Porsche Corporate Archive

Anorak: Air-cooled 911 toolkits p. 32-51
Written by: Jerry Manna
Image: Don Miliano

Scene: Le Mans 1969 p. 52-72
Written by: Rainer Schlegemilch
Image: Rainer Schlegemilch

THEN AND NOW: 911 GT3 RS 4.0 p. 78-91
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Michael Alan Ross

Written by: Triple Zero
Image: Frederik Dulay-Winkler, Pete Ritter, Porsche, Porsche Corporate Archive, Andreas Preuninger

911S 2.7 CIS PROTOTYP p. 156-185
Written by: Kris Clewell
Image: Nathan Leach-Proffer

CAYMAN GTS 4.0 & CAYMAN T p. 186-211
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: James Lipman

Written by: Mark Morrissey
Image: Nogueira Collection

Surface: Elephant hide p. 232-237
Written by: Christoph Mader
Image: Randy Wells

Apart: GT1 decal set p. 238-239
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

Outsmart: GM’s digital rearview mirror p. 240
Written by: James Resnick
Image: GM

Outprint p. 242-245
Written by: Randy Leffingwell
Image: Randy Leffingwell

Showstopper: Boxster Studie p. 246-249
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Porsche Corporate Archive

Spec v Spec: 959 Sport p. 250-254
Written by: Palevsky & Stout
Image: Glen Cordle

Overlooked: 996 Carrera 4S p. 256
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: James Robert Wright