Current Issue: 018

Q3 /// 2021



Remember when car magazines were captivating? When they arrived on your door and you knew you had hours of quiet enjoyment ahead? In a world of ever-thinner magazines filled with 50-70% advertising, 000 founders Pete Stout and Alex Palevsky decided to buck the trend with 95% editorial content and long-form deep dives in order to create an alternative to a nice night out—as well as an elixir for today’s endless drop-down notifications and hyperlinks that bounce you right out of a good read. The result is “Triple Zero,” a quarterly art journal that just happens to be about Porsche. Its name is a reference to the marque’s three-digit model type numerology and a promise to explore Porsche from its origins without skimping on pages or possibilities…


Sized 9×12 and beautifully printed on premium 80-lb paper, each issue weighs three pounds (!) and offers 256 pages covering every facet of Porsche. Those pages are packed with extraordinary photos in lavish layouts, thought-provoking stories, unseen archival images, photos of original documents, and insider intel. In a world of increasingly cheap and easy media, 000 is a haven where timelessness is valued over timeliness.


This is a Porsche magazine carefully constructed to provide years of enjoyment, delivered straight to your doorstep. Each magazine is shrink-wrapped and shipped in a custom, oversized box to protect it from the rigors of shipping. (Yes, we’re a bit obsessive.)


Of course, there are always those who ask, “What else can you do?” Enter Subscription S, priced at $999 and limited to just 999 subscribers worldwide. While the interior pages remain the same, the S edition features embossed hardcovers in black with a unique, individually numbered aluminum “VIN plate.” An exclusive slipcase made from unexpected materials and specifically designed for four hardcover editions is included with Subscription S. The slipcase will arrive in time for the holidays each year, as will an exclusive, individually numbered collector’s piece designed to delight the most discerning Porsche fanatic.

Thank you many times over for chronicling Porsche as you have with this MoMA/Louvre/Smithsonian document.