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The Unfair Advantage

Winter 2018

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Cover: Camden Thrasher at Thunderhill
Sequence: Nate Hassler in Germany

“Zero Input: 000 DESIGN ORIGINS” p. 6-9
Written by: Pete Stout

“Archival: Modest Proposal” p. 12-22
Written by: Randy Jeffingwell
Image: Porsche Archive

“Blink: PATRICK LONG: DRIVING 962-009” p. 24-25
Written by: Patrick Long
Image: Camden Thrasher

“Anorak: Production 911 Tails 1973-1989” p. 26-31
Written by: Alex Palevsky
Image: Nate Hassler, Lisa Linke, Zach James Todd, Guy White
Research: Frank Hendrick, Ryan Snodgrass

“Surface: Pot Metal Plate Frames” p. 32-41
Written by: Mark Morissey
Image: Mark Morissey

“Thunderstruck” p. 44-133
Written by: Preston Lerner
Image: Camden Thrasher, Zach James Todd
Research: Kerry Morse, Randy Leffingwell

“003’s Last Run to Glory” p. 100-105
Written by: Preston Jenner
Image: Porsche Archive

“917/30 Liveries” p. 106-107
Image: Justin Page
Research: Randy Leffingwell, Kerry Morse, Pete Stout

“Wild Wild Horses” p. 134-160
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Lisa Linke, Nate Hassler

“Connect the Dots” p. 160-179
Written by: Randy Leffingwell
Image: Porsche Archive

“Magnusson” 912 p. 180-223
Written by: Ada Lee Halofsky
Image: Michael Alan Ross

“Apart:NEVER-OPENED 935 TURBOCHARGER” p. 224-225
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

“Outsmart: 1980 AUDI QUATTRO COUPE” p. 226

“Scene” p. 228-246
Written by: Camden Thrasher
Image: Camden Thrasher

“In Season” p. 248-252
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Bruce Benedict

“000 Build: 1975 911 S/C” p. 254-256
Written by: Stout & Palevsky
Image: Steve Anderson