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Rare Shades at 14,000 Feet

Fall 2020


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Cover Photo: Larry Chen on Pikes Peak
Sequence: Jayson Fong at Paul Ricard
Back Cover: Louis Yio on Pikes Peak
ToC p. 4-5

Archival: First Epoch, At Montlhéry 1951-1971 p. 10-20
Written by: Mark Morrissey
Image: Mark Morrissey, Automuseum Protoyp Hamburg, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Porsche Historical Archive, Getty Images, Gérard Rouxel

Blink: Jörg Bergmeister on N24 2010 p. 22-23
Written by: Jörg Bergmeister
Image: Gruppe C Photography

Objekt: P8479 p. 26-30
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: As Noted
Additional Research: Kerry Morse

Scene: Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen 1974 p. 32-58
Written by: Bill Wagenblatt
Image: Bill Wagenblatt

Time Machines p. 62-89
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Larry Chen

In Thin Air p. 90-129
Written by: Pete Stout
Image: Larry Chen

Living Color p. 130-139
Written by: Justin Page
Image: Justin Page

Lone Wolf, Pt 1 p. 140-179
Written by: Eric Gustafson
Image: Ikuzawa Collection

Lone Wolf, Pt 2 p. 180-211
Written by: Ben Bertucci
Image: Ben Bertucci

The Art of Racing Slowly p. 212-231
Written by: Richard Meaden
Image: Jayson Fong and Nat Twiss

Surface: Tupfeffekt p. 232-238
Written by: Christoph Mäder
Image: Randy Wells

Apart: Some Assembly Required p. 240-241
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Joseph Shin

Outsmart: Number Theory p. 242
Written by: Jason Torchinsky
Image: Jason Torchinsky

Inseason p. 244-245
Written by: Kerry Morse
Image: Bruce Benedict

Showstopper: Weissach June 1980 p. 246-248
Written by: Alexander Palevsky
Image: Ted Walker Archive

Spec v Spec: 356A Coupe p. 250-254
Written by: Palevksy & Stout
Image: Glen Cordle

Overlooked: 996 3.4 p. 256
Written by: Triple Zero
Image: Phototram/CC by 2.0 (commons)