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The Long End of the Stick

Spring 2022



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The One That Changed Everything
By Pete Stout
Looking back at the introduction of the second 996 GT2

plus The 2 That Broke Through (cover story)
Photography Manolo Langis
A conversation between Triple Zero and Hartmut Kristen on the 996 GT2 program

Some Assembly Required
By Laurance Yap // Photography Trevor Ryan and Larry Yanovich
The E-Class: an unprecedented collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche

Drawing Outside the Lines
By Chantel Tattoli // Photography Frederik Dulay-Winkler
A deep dive into the career of design head Harm Lagaaij

3.0 > 3.1 > 3.2
By Christoph Mäder // Photography Roman Rätzke
Comparing a trio of 911s: 1976 Carrera 3.0, 1980 911 SC, 1989 Carrera

plus Counterpoint
By Bob Chapman


Editor’s Note: Independent thinking
T80 rekord car
Sellers at Petit Le Mans 2013
Genesis: 911-50
986 & 996 headlights
Hella taillights
X51 Power Kits
Wera Kraftform
Smarter tach
1968 911R brochure
Speed on 1.0 liter