Q2: 2024

Issue 028

Issue 028

Der Turbo mit Holz im Heck

Winter 2023



1973 930 Turbo prototype
1973 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1
1975 930 Turbo
1997 911 GT1 Evo




Boost in Show
By Chantel Tattoli // Photography Nik Wallner, Tomo Yarmush, Olli Zimtstern
The making—and remaking—of the original 930 Turbo show car

plus Two Years Later, at IAA Frankfurt...
By Alexander Palevsky
The 1975 IAA Turbo show car

Risk & Reward
By Philip Basil
Revealing the daring history behind turbocharged 911 racing

plus R5/2 Doppelgänger
By Philip Basil // Photography Gus Gregory
Explore every detail of R5's meticulous re-creation

Der Höhepunkt
By Matt Master // Photography Lisa Linke & Nate Hassler
A look at the custom 930 Turbo of conductor Herbert von Karajan

By Wilhelm Lutjeharms // Photography Charles Russell
Get to know South African Porsche racer Sarel van der Merwe

Barely Legal
By Richard Meaden // Photography Andy Morgan
Taking the Marlboro GT1 to the roads of the English countryside



Editor's Note: Badge engineering
Backseat driver, part 2
Rob Dyson at 1986 LA Grand Prix
993 & 996 hollow-spoke wheels
Porsche's OG pinstripe upholstery
Porsche Racing Moments, Artifacts
PDK Shifter
Van Thull 986 shooting brake